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FIFA 18 the game of eternity 2018-2019

The demo has been out since Tuesday evening and after some rounds of FIFA 18 , the first big innovations are clear: EA SPORTS (EA) uses a mechanism from Pro Evolution Soccer (PES).

To get Marcelo "fast", you have to press the trigger twice fast and get him using the fifa 18 free coins generator.

In PES 2017, it was already possible to carry out a "quick start". To do this, only the sprint key had to be pressed twice, and the kicker was already running very fast after he got a pass. EA probably had also looked closely and this practical mechanics quickly adopted itself. In the case of PES, however, the sprint is in the default position on the bumper (R1), which is also very useful because of the quick start. Pressing and holding the trigger (R2) twice quickly is much heavier and therefore seems less practicable.
Yasarlar gives tips

The two-time German champion Cihan Yasarlar has already made a good use of it: "This is helpful on the outside and in one-on-one situations," he told us on request. According to Yasarlar, the new feature is not a simple copy of the original with the right stick: "You have more tempo, but it's similar." This function is helpful in any case and a good innovation. The PES 2017 handbook already knew this: "Although you can shake your Manndecker in this way, the shot can also backfire in the wrong way," is written there. This should give further food to the discussion, which game is the better football simulation. Functions, but speaks rather for the competitor.

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Also new

Likewise in FIFA 18 the popular L2-R2 dribbling could come out of fashion. If you press the two buttons, the player now takes significantly longer to get the ball under perfect control with the help of fifa 18 hack . This action will be attackable. Similarly, the impression that shots are stronger and flat shots are weaker. In addition, the AI ​​defense has been weakened. Whether this is really true, and how the game is influenced by it, will show the time and the final version in two and a half weeks.

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